16 5 / 2013

Abby has been (and still is) such a good eater. She downs broccoli, carrots, zucchini like it’s her job. Until recently. The past couple of days, whenever I try to feed her any veggies, she says “No” in a really high pitched, innocent sounding voice and pushes my hand away. But of course, I’m not one to take no for an answer. So I hide the veggies in some rice or noodles and shove it in her mouth. But as soon as she tastes something somewhat green, she sticks her tongue out and ejects the food. Drives me crazy!!! I’ve tricked her so many times now that it’s come to the point where she doesn’t trust me anymore. This morning, my dad fed her a spoonful of egg rice (rice with eggs, soy sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds). She LOVED it. I tried to feed her the next spoonful, and she said “No!” and pushed my hand away. Flabbergasted, I told my dad to try again, and she takes it. I try, and she pushes me away. Even after we showed her it’s from the same exact bowl and the same exact spoon, she refused to take food from me!! The heck?! She’s outsmarted me. :( Oh, how to get her to eat her veggies…

I know I need to change how I feed her. I get way to frustrated and angry at her belligerence and start saying words I shouldn’t say :( The high chair has become a battle zone of the wills and I know I can’t keep going at it the way I’ve been. Jesus, give me wisdom and patience!!!

In other news, she’s been a lot more talkative lately! Her favorite words are kkakka (snack), no (ugh), hi, and bye. She also says umma, “wooooow” (so cute!), hi daddy (but not hi mommy), thang (thank you), ‘mo (eemo). It’s exciting being able to interact with her more :) And she definitely understands way more than I give her credit for. Once I was in the car next to her, but I had to leave to catch the train. I told her, “I’ll see you later okay?” And she immediately started crying and saying “No, no, no, no!” I was shocked. Gotta watch what I say! 

09 12 / 2010

God has been so good…and so patient with me. He yearns for me to draw near, and reminds me of this beautiful truth so gently, yet persistently.

God made me a promise about 2 years back through a dream. in the dream, i was praying and saying “Jesus” over and over. each time i said it, my body grew bigger and bigger… i was pretty freaked out (in my dream) because i no longer had any control over my body. so of course, i stopped praying. then i started praying again, and again, i started to grow.

it wasn’t until this past september(ish) that i started to take this promise seriously. for some reason, i thought that God would grow me without me having to take the effort to pray. oh so stupid. :P but through a series of bible studies, conversations, & sermons, i realized the nature of God’s promises and the gravity of this specific promise: God gives us his promise, but it is up to us to claim it and put in the heart & effort to see the promise become reality. only through obedience, His promises are fulfilled. and if you don’t obey, you end up wandering in the wilderness for 40 years… i must obey and commit wholeheartedly to prayer. then God’s spirit will grow in me and take over my body, mind, soul. 

so starting from september, i started taking this a bit more seriously. but my prayer life was one day on, next day off: unfruitful and discouraging to say the least. yesterday, i met sue’s momma, and she challenged me to pray for 40 days. she reminded me that it is only through that consistent, persistent prayer and seeking that growth can happen. as she was saying this, i knew God was reminding me again to seek Him. a strange, warm sense of comfort & assurance filled my heart. 

though i’ve failed so many times before, for some reason, i know this time i won’t. i know he is already helping me and fighting for me.

01 12 / 2010

"Father in Heaven! When the thought of thee wakes in our hearts let it not awaken like a frightened bird that flies about in dismay, but like a child waking from its sleep with a heavenly smile."


27 11 / 2010

delivering food to people’s homes on thanksgiving morn,

a deliciously lovely thanksgiving with my family and joel’s family,

a bit of black friday shopping,

dear friends visiting - playing games and talking into the wee hours of the night…

i now finally have a moment to myself. with some soothing tea and christmas music softly playing in the background, i sit as feelings of nostalgia rise and i am overwhelmed by a desire to rest in quietness and trust. a longing to dwell in the loving arms of the father. 

there are a million and one things to be done. but for tonight, i sit thankful for moments like these to treasure in my hands.

17 11 / 2010

i am horrible at keeping up with blogs, but i always come back to this desire to have a space to write and process what is going on in and around me. i’ve created about a half dozen blogs along the way, but starting a new blog is kind of like starting a brand new journal - a fresh start and exciting because of the words, thoughts, hopes, failures, and blessings it will eventually hold. 

i am calling this blog “in feast or fallow” after one of sandra mccracken’s albums. praise to God during times of abundance and times of grief, times of clarity and times of silence.